I was born in Sioux City Iowa and raised in rural Nebraska.
I earned a Bachelor of Arts from Dana College.

At Dana College I began to hone my craft in painting as well as
experimenting in printmaking, sculpture and photography.  

Combining the elements of these disciplines with my graphics design
major, I endeavor to create an interesting and unique visual
experience through color, texture and movement.  

Finding inspiration in the occidental and experimenting with symbolic
imagery, I strive to  develop other levels in my art.  Levels that are
always relevant to any age.

Continuing to perfect my craft, I have found a focus on three major
genres: painting, box construction and found object creations.  
Sometimes combining these genres in new and interesting ways.  My
art is consistently,  “edgy yet refined.”  

I currently live in San Diego California and continue to experiment and
grow as an artist and an individual.