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'eternal return'

Life, by nature, is cyclical.  To deny
or ignore our past is to sentence the
human race to ignorance.  To forget
the past we inevitably deny ourselves
the best of what the future could be.  
According to Mayan and Aztec
history, human civilization has risen
and fallen four times, with each fall,
mankind loses all he has gained and
begins again, from the beginning.  
Some believe this is a cycle we are
doomed to repeat, perhaps we are
destined to such a fate.

Picture a time, far into the future, or
perhaps it is the distant past, maybe
the past and future are the same
place, not even the subjects
captured here in these works know
for sure.  These men and women
belong to a time outside our own.  
They have the same hopes, fears
and tragic flaws we all possess.  
They also hide many secrets.  Some
are willing to tell their tales, others
closely guard their mysteries.  And
some have a unique perspective of
our world.

The world in which they live has a
rich history that is corrupted and
incomplete.  Their future uncertain,
they seek the guidance of prophets
and mystics to enlighten their path
and perhaps make sense of their
world and the universe in which it


not only for me, but for those characters within the
Uroborus universe.  Here are two new portraits of
Persephone and Serendipity.  

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